Saturday, March 1, 2014

5 Birthdays!

From five years ago yesterday..... 

To now....
This one (above) shoulda been an outtake. He was soooo not happy with the hat.

Happy 5th birthday, Leo. Here's to many, many more. Mama loves you more than you know. 

Wonderful Wednesdays

We took a jaunt Wednesday mid-day to Hagg Lake. What a pleasure that was - we had the place to ourselves with nary a soul in sight for our entire 3.7 mile hike. Leo was a trooper and kept up quite well.

So still....
Uneven paths are no match for 4-legged power

One small step for bankside scramble for a little feller.
Happy. Seriously happy. Did I mention how happy this little guy is?

Those are big footprints to follow.
Low - fuzzy - riders and their dirt.
We stopped on the way home at L-Bar-T Bison Farm for some bones. Yum yum. A great way to refresh after a hike.