Thursday, February 5, 2015

A little fun

I've recently started a relationship with the editor of the Pomeranian Review. I'm going to attempt to help her collect content for each issue as well as writing my own articles. The upcoming issue I offered to write about wintertime activities one can play with their dog. Yesterday Leo and I had some fun shooting some pictures to go along with the article. These are unedited pictures straight off the camera.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


We've been playing a lot lately. I'm working on shaping the dumbbell. He doesn't want to take the real dumbbell at all so we are trying something else. It was suggested to try using a toy. So that's what we're doing.
I've no concrete plans. In just taking it day by day and trying to work on it daily. The good news, little man LOVES to work and he thoroughly enjoys our sessions. Yesterday I cut up a bunch of cheddar cheese in tiny cubes. Lots of repetition, patience, and frequent sessions. He started by mostly pawing it. He knows I expect interaction, he just isn't sure what I want. I'm not telling him either. That's my goal with shaking and while at least in these interactions I have a goal, I'm not pushing this on him. I just wait.

Fortunately he's impatient and demanding and wants his treats. So he'll do just about anything. It's quite adorable. Sometimes it's hard to keep focus and a straight face.

Over the course of the first session he was already putting his mouth on it. By third or fourth session later (today), he's picking it up briefly. Add a result I can toss it a few feet away and ultimately it will end up back close to be. It's the beginnings!!! We'll keep doing this until I can give it, have him hold, have him release it to me, and recall/retrieve with it before I attempt to start the process over with the real dumbbell. It's fun and overall, it's a rewarding process.
Love my little man!