Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Portland Agility Club Jan 9-10

Wow what a weekend. I'll try to get to full results later this week complete with course maps. Leo got to run in an AKC trial this weekend. The weather was chilly, a few degrees below freezing for the first few hours of each day and rainy Saturday so the dampness was really hard to take. Everyone spent the weekend well bundled in their jackets - yes, even fuzzy dogs, and the massage lady with a booth next to where we were crated was kind enough to loan us a plug-in heater.

Leo was entered into Novice Standard, Open Fast, Masters JWW, and Time to Beat both days. I am proud to say he finished the weekend with two legs in Fast and a new MJP (Masters Jumper Preferred) title. Happy with my little man!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Snow Day

We had a bit of snow today. It was expected but still a surprise since in Oregon we don't believe our weathermen. It's the one occupation you can always be wrong and still collect a paycheck. Regardless, what a great way to start the year and give us a bit of fun, too. I had hoped to get up to the mountain anyway to try out my new snowshoes - and still will - but it didn't happen this weekend. This was Sophie's first time seeing snow. Not sure she completely loved it. Leo sure did!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A little fun

I've recently started a relationship with the editor of the Pomeranian Review. I'm going to attempt to help her collect content for each issue as well as writing my own articles. The upcoming issue I offered to write about wintertime activities one can play with their dog. Yesterday Leo and I had some fun shooting some pictures to go along with the article. These are unedited pictures straight off the camera.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


We've been playing a lot lately. I'm working on shaping the dumbbell. He doesn't want to take the real dumbbell at all so we are trying something else. It was suggested to try using a toy. So that's what we're doing.
I've no concrete plans. In just taking it day by day and trying to work on it daily. The good news, little man LOVES to work and he thoroughly enjoys our sessions. Yesterday I cut up a bunch of cheddar cheese in tiny cubes. Lots of repetition, patience, and frequent sessions. He started by mostly pawing it. He knows I expect interaction, he just isn't sure what I want. I'm not telling him either. That's my goal with shaking and while at least in these interactions I have a goal, I'm not pushing this on him. I just wait.

Fortunately he's impatient and demanding and wants his treats. So he'll do just about anything. It's quite adorable. Sometimes it's hard to keep focus and a straight face.

Over the course of the first session he was already putting his mouth on it. By third or fourth session later (today), he's picking it up briefly. Add a result I can toss it a few feet away and ultimately it will end up back close to be. It's the beginnings!!! We'll keep doing this until I can give it, have him hold, have him release it to me, and recall/retrieve with it before I attempt to start the process over with the real dumbbell. It's fun and overall, it's a rewarding process.
Love my little man!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saying goodbye hard to do. I still haven't been able to do it. It's been nearly 16 months. You might note there haven't been a lot of posts in the last year or so. There haven't been any comments or posts about Juicy. We lost my sweet, sweet girl on 9/29/2013 in a most tragic, unexpected, and devastating way. She passed away in my arms and I hold a lot of guilt near and dear still as to the events that transpired. I hope to find a way to write her story here, to get it out, and to create a memorial fitting to my precious little girl. Someday. For she was very, very big in her tiny, little self. I'm torn to say heart dog. I feel like I've had three because to say she was it is disloyal to Vegas and to Leo. But she occupied a huge part of my heart and I don't know how to face today, tomorrow, and the rest of forever without her. I hope she is running free and wild and sassy as ever over the rainbow bridge. I hope she is pain free, joyful, and blissfully unaware of the devastation in my heart. Because that little girl, she brought nothing but joy and happiness. Every time I think of her, well, I try not to because I end up bawling. Oh how I wish to be in a place where I could think of her and smile. So for now, it's a long goodbye.