Sunday, June 6, 2010

Toy Time!

I've been lax in keeping up Leo's blog as we don't have much going on with him at the moment. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with training for him since there hasn't been anything that suits our schedule nor am I certain if I want to enroll him in anything when the boys will be gone for some of the summer. However, he is highly loved at work. So much so that a couple weeks ago my boss came in to tell me they (meaning the management team) made a decision intentionally without me. She said they decided they like having a dog in the office and Wednesdays are lonely without one. Therefore, Leo was requested to add Wednesdays to his schedule from now on. In fact, she said his PPL (paid personal leave) would be docked if he wasn't there. LOL. So that was fun. I'm glad he's loved.

Last week being Memorial Day, he only got to come to work two days. One of my employees said it wasn't fair that Leo only got two days that week and they miss him when he's not there. She said they should all go on strike until Leo can come every day. So flattering - yes that little man has wormed his way into hearts. He's charming them all.

For instance, one morning during our department meeting, I was sitting on the floor. I had just finished my coffee so took the lid off as Leo wanted to investigate. He stuck his face in the cup and before long had the cup "stuck" on his face. Of course I pulled it off - after we all chuckled - and put the lid back on. He proceeded to carry the cup a few feet away then set it down. Then he barked at it like it was scary or something. Yeah, he can be distracting too, the goofball.

At many of the agility trials his big sis and I enter we receive a free toy. Yesterday I brought home a stuffed kitty that Leo took an immediate liking to when I got home. Here are his antics:

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