Friday, July 30, 2010

At long last...

Since Leo's basic obedience classes ended months ago I have hemmed and hawed on what to do with him. I really wanted to enroll him in another session of obedience classes but nothing ever met our scheduling requirements. Of course he's continually getting work when we go for a walk, off and on throughout the day at work, and at home. In fact, he has learned 'dance' recently and is starting to learn 'spin.' His stay could use work but is getting better. It's his leash walking and coming when called that are so lacking, unfortunately. And of course I have never trained a dog so small and am out of my element, so to speak, on working with such an independent and, at times, stubborn little dog.

The other issue I have struggled with is whether I will work with him or whether the kids will. Truth be told, I know they want to but I also know some of that is fleeting and I hate to have Leo's spirit crushed with regard to working and performance due to the kids' impatience. Plus, both are going into new schools in September (middle school and high school), both will be playing football, and Kane is starting to come into his own interests including going out with friends and girls. So, it isn't fair to backburner Leo and his training.

Through a Yahoo Group I belong to (NW Dog Activities) and Facebook, I learned of an upcoming Foundation Class session with a trainer Vegas and I have worked with before. Bobbie Lyons of Pawsitive Performance is great with dogs and knows her stuff. I look forward to the classes and seeing how things go for Leo. The classes will be held fairly close to home at a chic boutique pet store and doggy daycare center, Lexi Dog. They've got a fantastic facility and I look forward to introducing Leo to the world of agility as well as learning how to handle a tiny dog!

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