Monday, December 27, 2010

We met Leo's brother!

Last weekend we were at an agility trial in Elma, WA. There was a lady that stopped me early in the first day to chat about Pomeranians and wanted to say "hi" to Leo. Later that day I was working in one of the rings and got to see her run her two Poms. She has a black and an orange. Later this week I learned of a Yahoo group called Active Pomeranian. Low and behold, she and I "met" each other again. As she read my introduction it occurred to her that we had a lot in common - more than we thought on the surface. Her orange boy, Taz, will turn two the end of February 2011, too. It turns out Taz (Gemini's Raz 'Ma Taz) is Leo's brother! This is so exciting! We live relatively close to one another (She in Washington; we live in Oregon.) and we're likely to continue to run into each other in trials. In fact, we may see her at the Rose City Classic as she's entered in agility there. I'm pretty excited to see how both boys do and it'll be neat just to have someone else in the breed to chat with.

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