Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A TD in the Making?

Tonight after running home from work I quickly packed up the dogs' tracking gear and headed to the park to meet our friend, Pam, and dogs for some tracking practice. Leo had an opportunity just as dusk was fully setting in and the light was almost non-existent. We worked on 10-20-40s and I have to say, watching him work was exciting! He was really getting it and the first one was almost a complete snap despite the slight breeze blowing in off the river to change the air current and move the scent a bit. The second one he did well but really struggled on the final leg, although he was within a half dozen or 10 feet and then veered off course, causing a delay as I proceeded to rework the track with him. Now that I know he's not always sight-tracking (Thanks, Beth!), he's really fun to watch. It's becoming easier for me to catch his indicators and read his body language. At more than one point tonight he was all the way out on the 30 foot lead and I was having to fast-step/jog to keep up. Can't wait to keep practicing with Leo!

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