Monday, April 25, 2011

Little of This, Little of That

I forgot to update after last week's agility and obedience classes. All went well. Leo was handling everything in agility well although he wasn't taking jumps all the time. In trying to set the dog up at the start line and lead out, he handled the stay well but went around the jump when I released him. Strange. Saturday he was quite a pill all day at big sis' agility trial so I took him with to the foundation class I teach. Afterward we spent about 25 minutes running around the barn. I made a really big deal of jumping and rewarding it every time he jumped. He's certainly clearing 8" easily enough so I don't think it's structural or problematic for him. After a bunch of jumping and rewarding and tons of praise, I went from a single jump and two jumps to some more complicated moves. I was able to get some front crosses in and direct Leo to handle 180s. He was doing so awesome! We took a break a time or two so he could potty and drink water, but otherwise we worked the 25 minutes or so straight through. He was such a rock star! He even got his crazy zoomies while continuing to do obstacles! I am so excited to continue learning with my little man! He has so much potential and is so much fun!

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