Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunny Saturday

Our warmest day of the year so far. A glorious, gorgeous day. Juicy and I went to the CAT barn first thing to attend a Control Unleashed seminar. Sadly, wires must have gotten crossed and I arrived to find out the class was full and I had not been listed as a working participant. Sooooo, Juicy had to go hang in the truck while I audited. But, I did take away some key ideas. Namely, I need to work on her focus first using mat behavior. I'll summarize my notes better later but the session resulted in me stopping and picking up a mat for her.
Afterward Juicy went along for her first trip to downtown Portland for the Saturday Market. I'm glad to report she handled it very well. She did have to be carried about half the time because, with the weather so gorgeous, everyone and their brother (and sister and uncles) were out and it was just too crowded to navigate with her and avoid her being hurt. She, of course, was a crowd hit especially along with Vegas. The two of them were treated to Reba's Gourmet Dog Cookies and tons of pets and loves. On the way home we stopped by Petsmart to pick up cat food and they were spoiled some more. She's resting quietly now, tired after her day of new adventures.

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