Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a trooper!

Today was a gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. It dawned with a brilliant blue sky, nary a cloud in sight, and hovered around 60 degrees. The dogs and I loaded up around a quarter after nine to head downtown for the PDX Danes walkabout. What a day for a walk!

Leo just came into our lives six days ago on Sunday, February 22. He'll be a year tomorrow. I don't think he'd left his breeder's home his entire life, not sure if he'd ever been on a leash or a walk. Six days later, he walked nearly the entire time for a two-hour walk with 10 Great Danes, a Bullmastiff, a snow dog, and an American Bulldog/Dane mix.

Let me explain more about this walk. There was traffic. There were multiple bridges. There were metal plated surfaces that clanged when big dogs walked, there were one to three inch gaps in some of the walking surfaces (including over the water) that he had to step over, there were bicycles riding by, other dogs sniffing at him, lots of feet and legs to avoid, the Max train going by, buses, and so much more. There was rubbish, urine (human from the homeless and/or drunk and animal), goose poop, stairs, grass, and the sounds of boats. ALL of these things were new to this kid. All of them. He barely bat an eye. Occasionally he skirted sideways. Occasionally he tread too close on people's heels. But all in all, this little guy was a complete champ. He not only kept up, he pranced, danced, and walked with style. I am SO PROUD of our little Leo. He is a champ and we are excited to welcome him to our family.

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