Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snowshoeing at Clark Creek & a Happy 1st Birthday, Leo!

Sunday was an amazing day on the mountain. Bright, clear, fresh mountain air, and not a cloud in site. Most of the details of the trip as well as a lot more pictures are available on Leo's "sister's" site, but I wanted to post and share some of his story here.

Being as we've only enjoyed Leo in our lives for eight days now, I'm not sure what his experiences are. One thing for certain, he's not much of a wall flower. He dives into whatever we're doing with bravery, curiosity, and flair. He's continually a delight and I look forward to every new moment we get to share with him.

Yesterday was not only our snowshoeing expedition but it was Leo's first birthday. And for his first birthday he had a great day with family and friends. You can view some pictures and video of his adventures below.

I had to include this one - it shows the cute little curl of his tail. 
This picture was taken on the way back. I had moved up to a trail above him and he gladly stayed on the lower part of the path for a while. Very independent, brave, and willing to try new things. Although there are pictures of him walking, I did carry him quite a bit since he didn't have booties yet and I didn't want his feet to get too cold. While I carried him, he leaned back into my arms almost like a cradled baby and very nearly fell asleep. 

I loved how his coat made him have a fur main around his face and his tiny little waist then the curl of a tail.
Here next to a small log I told him to jump over but he decided to find a way around. 

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