Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 3 Class

Leo's week three class went very well. I sat outside the classroom again and enjoyed an hour of peaceful reading while Zach particpated in the class. He had spent some time walking Leo the day prior and I think that really made a difference. Here are some things I'm noticing about Leo:
  • He can be very stubborn.
  • He acts distracted at times but I think this is stress in not knowing what you want. For instance, he'll scratch somewhat incessantly at his ear(s) when you work with him and he doesn't get it.
  • He really wants to learn.
  • He can sit patiently and wait until he understands or you move on.
  • He is not afraid of eye contact - he will sit and watch your face almost so you can't show him what to do with hand motions.
  • He is prone to be a mama's boy, too, like all our other pets. I'll have to be careful of this.
While Zach struggled to get Leo to down in class and never succeeded there nor did he get Leo interested in a toy to play, they did work on "leave it" and loose leashing walking which he really picked up on! In fact, the first two weeks the teacher had to hang back with Zach and give him pointers on their two laps around the store. This week the two of them were the first back to the classroom! Way to go, Zach and Leo!

Leo is earning another offcial name, I do believe. Leo the Loveable. OMG, I can't believe how many people want a Pom just like him. I have to give his breeder credit for not tolerating barking/yapping. He definitely is not a yapper and his personality is top notch. One newcomer to class spent about 15 minutes talking to me about him, where I got him, and really wants to get another dog to be a playmate to the one she has, a terrier of sorts. Right after I got done talking with her, a mom and her two young girls walked in and they were super excited to see Leo and said they wanted a dog just like him. The mom immediately asked about the yapping with kind of a cringe on her face. I was super glad to be able to tell them the only time Leo yaps is when he falls off his bed and scares himself awake. Even when I get home and he's impatient for "Mom" attention, it's a bark not a yap and we're working to curb that one anyway.

Also, Leo has been to the dog park a couple of times this week. He loves it! Initially I think he was mostly just excited to check out all the smells and he was very independent about it. He did spend one evening chasing the big dogs which was pretty funny. He gets super excited to go and the last time was a pill and jumped out of the truck before I got his leash on.

This weekend should be interesting. Big Sis has an agility trial so Leo will get to experience the energy and noise of a trial for two full days. Actually, he'll get to for the next three weekends as we have an AKC trial this weekend, CPE the following, and an AKC one Easter weekend. I'm sure like everything else he'll take it in stride.

Monday the 22nd is our week four class which will signal the halfway point. I'll be taking him to that class since the kids are at their dad's  house during Spring Break. Then Tuesday is the big day - he is scheduled for his dental and extractions plus neuter at the Willamette Valley Animal Hospital. Hopefully he won't be mad at me when he comes home. I am SO excited to get this over with and hope his teeth and bite are not too damaged!

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