Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back to Raw

I joined a Yahoo group this week on Pomeranians and decided to give raw a try for Leo again. It turns out I was being too cautious about what he could handle. Despite his little itty bitty mouth, he can tear meat apart and eat the bones. Go figure. So as of Thursday we started on raw again. I cut off a meaty part of a chicken back and sure enough, he chewed, tore, and gnawed right through it. We did the same thing that night and while he didn't finish, he sure dove right into it. For anyone who feeds raw, I'm sure I don't have to tell you how relieved he was to go back to it. He was not thrilled with the kibble at all even though that's all he knew before I got him. In fact, when I didn't give him raw for a few days and was giving him kibble, he was bouncing up and down and wanting Vegas' food and pulling out all the stops, showing us sits, downs, watch mes - the whole nine yards. Basically he was telling me he would do anything for raw.

Friday I gave him a chicken thigh. Funny thing is that he mostly just spent a lot of time on it but I'm not sure how far along he actually got but he worked on it for sure. He got the same chicken thigh Saturday morning and it didn't look a lot different when he was done, but he didn't seem to want to spend a lot of time on it. Mostly he's struggling because he wants to carry it everywhere and I don't want it all over the house. Tonight he did really well. He managed to work the meat off the bone in a chunk and then went straight to work on the bone. Boy was that interesting to watch! The marrow and everything was apparent and he went right through it. He then ate a good portion of the meat then was done for the night. Big sis was happy to finish it off.

Just a few minutes ago he went to town on a soup bone that must have weighed half what he did. It didn't intimidate him one bit though. He just chewed and chewed. I'm so glad because the worst thing for a small dog is bad teeth and his breeder already gave him a rough start by not having all his baby teeth pulled. We'll be getting that done before too long so his mouth can be more normal. In the meantime, lots of raw for Sir Leo.
Here, taunting big sis? Nah, mostly just taking a break.
Here working on that hard-earned thigh bone.

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