Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 2 DAPAC CPE Trial

Better late than never.....

Sunday last weekend dawned sunny! Yay for a much better weather day for running agility. It was actually warm enough it not only seemed like a completely different weekend, Leo's "big sis" got soaked with the hose several times to keep her cool for running.

We had just four runs planned for Sunday, one less than Saturday, presumably to get done earlier and get everyone on the road home. We were running small to tall.

First up was Jackpot followed by Standard, Snooker, then Jumpers. Unfortunately I neglected to move Leo up to Level 2 in Snooker on Saturday. It's been so long since Vegas was at that level I forget that with just one leg they get to move up to 2. Oh well.
The allotted time for 8" dogs was 55 seconds. At Level 1, 32 points were needed including one of the send bonuses. There were a lot of choices for the send bonus. Each of them run from the top of the map to the bottom and were as follows: For 20 points either the left side of the diamond or the right, all four jumps; or for 25 points, the jump-weave-jump sequence down the center. My "plan" is below.
You know the saying, "the best laid plans..." Sunday Leo acted like a baby dog. A little. But not so much on this run. He did well. But he had a funny moment on the second pass through the a-frame. He stopped. And stopped. And looked around. Thankfully I finally got him to come down and run with me to the table so we didn't NQ on time. Whew! A total of 44 points in 52 seconds. Another blue and a Q. Good job, Leo!

This one had a little obstacle discrimination on the tunnel. The #3 jump pointed right at the right side of the tunnel but needed the dogs to go in the left. I ran on the left figuring I would be pulling Leo into the correct side. Wrong! He homed in on the right side of the tunnel like it was drawing him in like a magnet. One off course! Fixed that by doing the correct side of the tunnel and kept on moving. Everything else ran perfectly swimmingly until #14. Somehow we passed right by it and he didn't take it. When I tried to correct it he back-jumped causing a second off-course. You're only allowed one even in level 1 CPE, so NQ. Oh well. He finished in 58.83; SCT was 58.
Snooker was definitely more complicated than Saturday, but not impossible even for a "baby" dog. Here's the map and below it is what I had planned out.
Sadly we had a three point Snooker run and got whistled off. We made the first two jumps and instead of taking the red "6a" Leo got it in his head he needed a tunnel (never mind I was giving him a bunch in this course). Zoom straight for the tunnel. Little bugger. :-)
Our very last run of the weekend was Jumpers. A nice little course with tunnels to make the little man happy. We had 44 seconds to complete the run. 
Super awesome! 28.05 seconds and a completely clean run. That finished off an awesome first trial weekend with 9 total runs, 1 third place finish, 5 first place finishes, and six Qs. PLUS the ability to move up to level 2 in six of the eight classes.

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