Monday, June 6, 2011

Demo Doggy

Leo is my co-teacher for the next seven weeks in our Next Steps agility class. Originally we were going to be in the class, not teaching it. However, the volunteer instructor didn't have any experience and without provided curriculum got nervous. So she's assisting while I teach and Leo is working as demo dog. All in all it'll be a good thing, I think, as long as I work Leo like I did tonight as demo dog. And wow was he a fantastic demo dog!

I had set up a course mostly using the obstacles that were out as is. It looked something like this:
The first run through I just wanted everyone to perform it based upon what they had been taught in their previous class. Aside from one student, all the remainder of the class had taken foundation from someone else. I needed to assess where they were at so I knew where we would in going forward. We started with the single jump at the lower right (70, -32) and progressed clockwise. Everyone did fairly well with one dog having issues with the tunnel, two with the weaves, and one with the teeter. Leo was a complete rock star and did the entire thing, doing his usual halt and slow progression on the teeter. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed him as he's just so damn adorable and happy running. Sometimes it makes it hard to focus on the work of it he's so cute!

After everyone had a turn we performed the same course again but this time I had everyone working it using some control unleashed philosophies. Every obstacle was individualized. Focus and attention were regained before being allowed to move on. Again, Leo demonstrated and did a fabulous job. Would you believe the only place I had to call him back not once, not twice, but three times was between the tire and teeter? The first time he zoomed through the framework of the tire and started up the teeter. The second time he took the tire but again got on the teeter. Each time I was able to call him back when before he completed the obstacle. When I did ask him to take the teeter though, he did complete it much more quickly with little hesitation in the center. Again, he enjoyed a lot of awes and chuckles because he's so cute running. I so enjoy this little man!

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