Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lescher Farms Dog Park

The dogs and I got out of the house yesterday to head to the dog park. We went to one in Lake Oswego (outskirts) as I wasn't in the mood for a ton of mud and this one has wood chips. Turns out that was wood chips and slop this time of year. We started out in the "regular" fenced area but when a young Aussie wouldn't stop tumbling Juicy, we decided to try the "Shy and Timid Dog" area. I felt a little bad about going there in case there were truly timid dogs there because Vegas, while gentle and mostly indifferent to dogs, is big. Turns out, too, it was more small dog park than it was shy/timid.

Juicy got chased right away and I thought it was another bad omen for the park. After all, her tail was down and her ears back. All she could/would do was run and try to get away. Finally, about 15 minutes later she started relaxing, greeting dogs, and eventually played with the Cairn Terrier that had chased her when we first came in. Of course I took a bunch of pictures.

This orange Pom (above and below) was really cool! I admired his play drive - tugging, chasing, fetching. His mom said he could do it all day. All I know is he didn't stop while we were there.
This is the Aussie pup that wouldn't leave Juicy alone. :(

I couldn't help but stop and try to capture these cute birds on the fence. Two of them hung out for quite a while and let me get about 10 feet away. I didn't push my luck.
This is a different one that had landed and just as I went to shoot it took off. I didn't expect the shot to come out as anything but a blur. Pleasantly surprised!

This little dog is a rare breed called the Miki.
Chewing on a stick...
A giant Papillon

The cute Cairn that first chased Juicy then she decided was okay to play with. The name her family kept calling sounded like "knee-high." LOL

I came home with muddy dogs (not in the plan) but fairly tired dogs (definitely in the plan). Good deal, too, cause the rain and breeze came in just after we left.

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