Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Steps Forward or Two Steps Back?

The Winter/Holiday break is over and Leo started back to agility class Monday night. It's a new group of students and a new instructor although the same location we've been training. I really like the exercises she had set up for us. Basically there was what could have been a full course with a few angle tweaks, etc. of the equipment but she broke down the exercises into small pieces to just see where everyone was at. Sometimes she gave us criteria she wanted us to apply such as specific crosses. For the most part Leo did really well. My son came along and handled him a good part of the time. They did well, only struggling when he (my son) didn't know for sure how I would have handled something. Plus there are times he needs a cheerleader and my son doesn't do this a lot. But he's doing well and he's really good with Leo when he's "on."

So all was going pretty well until we got to the segment with the teeter. The setup was weaves, teeter, tunnel, table. I handled Leo for that segment. He slowed and immediately acted like he wasn't so keen on the teeter. Even with time off he's not done this in the last six months or so. And he's had practice albeit the last time was probably three weeks ago. But this was different. He got on and went just about to the top of the contact (the up contact) and stopped. And stayed. He was engaged with me but really not keen on going up. I finally called Zach over to help and he moved some. I finally had to pick him up and move him to the "tip" point and let him ride it down. Lots of praise and treats and that was the only time we attempted it during the class as we moved on to other exercises. It makes me worry. I hope next week is better....

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