Thursday, October 24, 2013

Unknown Ouchies

I'm beginning to dislike the veterinary medical profession. I know it's not necessarily logical, but damn if "unknown affectations" aren't difficult to swallow.

Leo started acting "off" last night. He had a hard time eating his dinner and then acted lethargic. He flinched if you reached to pet his head. I checked all of the typical things - mouth, ears, lymph nodes, put him through a range of motions - legs, neck, back, hips, front legs, all to find nothing in particular. I gave him a dose of dexamethazone and went to bed. He was clingy a bit, falling asleep snuggled beside me on his back, still more than willing to accept tummy scritches.

This morning he struggled again to eat and even cried out and walked away from breakfast. I was able to break up his food into more manageable bites and he basically swallowed them but finished. I made an appointment for him this evening and took him to the vet.

They ran through the same gamut of tests and checks I did and found nothing notable other than some pain responses seemingly localized to the right side of his face.

So now we're home with four days' dose of metacam syrup to see if he gets over it, the best guess that he may have strained his jaw opening his mouth too wide or some such thing.

I really dislike mystery ailments and no diagnosis/pinpointable problem for which we can find a solution. *sigh*

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