Sunday, October 27, 2013

What a Pooey Night

I ran out to do a couple errands last night. I neglected to put a bag of pepperoni dog treat sticks up out of reach. I live with a Great Dane.

I came home about 90 minutes after having left to Leo finishing off the evidence. Out of nine treat sticks, just half of one remained.

At  2 am he woke me to get a drink of water. I've never seen him drink so much in his life. At 4 am I awoke to horrible sounds of bodily fluids. On the floor. On carpet. In my bedroom. In front of the door. Ugh.

Tossed Leo out and cleaned up. Let him in and cleaned HIM up. Went back to bed.

9:30 am, rinse and repeat. More bodily fluids on my carpet in my bedroom. Mind you I had put down a wee-wee pad for him to use should he need to. Apparently he didn't get the memo.

What an awful night which makes for a tired Sunday. Ugh.

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