Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a quick update... (Late as I see this didn't post when it should have on 2/7)

Leo had his fifth week of agility class tonight and the teeter was introduced again. He was acting really quirky all night and pulling away from me and definitely not focusing. I wasn't real confident about the teeter and the rest of the class knew that was why we were going through the class again. He was not a happy camper if I tried to go anywhere near it so I figured when it was our turn I would just wait and see. Autumn had both ends of the teeter propped up on the tables to minimize motion and avoid the teeter being on the ground which lends more likelihood to the dog's coming off it. All said and done we probably only had 1.5" of motion or so. The first time was somewhat of a bust. I had to put him on it and even tug a few times before he moved across it. The second time though was vastly improved. I had just said the most important aspect for me was for him to walk onto the board himself. And he did!!! I couldn't have been more proud but the little stinker did it again on our third try at the teeter and even managed to avoid flinching when it "bumped" against the table after he stepped off. That little man is giving me serious hope. It's so exciting!

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