Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leo learns to track & graduates from foundation agility

A busy few days! Last night was Leo's last night of his second round of foundation agility. I am so, so, SO excited to say he's overcome most of his teeter fear and was taking the teeter willingly. In fact, he was straining at his harness to get to the teeter. His teacher, Autumn, kept Solid Gold dog food on her for treats this session and he was all about that! In fact, he sweet talked his way out of more than one extra treat most rounds at the obstacle we worked on; the little charmer. I was very proud of him and what better way to celebrate his GOTCHA DAY! That's right; Leo's first annual Gotcha Day. Yesterday signified one year he's been in our family. What a year it's been and he has come such a long way. Here are a few pictures to summarize the year:
In the soft crate on the ride home

This evening we went to the park and Leo got to start learning to track. The details are all on Vegas' page. Afterward the two got to romp about in the park and had a ball. 

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