Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MCDF Agility Day 3

Sunday Leo got to run first because we were running small to tall and they'd started the JWW ring before Standard. Plus the Novice and Open classes were much smaller than the Excellent. This was the only class he was entered in for the day.
My plan was to handle from the right with Leo clear up to the tunnel, making sure I drew toward #6 to pull him into the correct end of the tunnel. While he was in the tunnel I moved outward of #6. I called him over and front crossed to #7. I gave him plenty of room on the weave entrance but for some reason he wasn't really watching them so went in the wrong side of the first pole. Refusal. Corrected him and finished them cleanly. I had hoped to pull back and handle from the right on 10-11 and rear cross to 12, pushing him to 13, front cross after 14, and handle from the right the rest of the way through.
I was very happy with how Leo did. I knew the one refusal was acceptable for Open and my only concern about qualifying was time. Turns out we did get time faulted but we qualified! That was his third open leg and his OAJ title! So proud of my little man! He enjoyed his favorite treat, a Greenie, for a reward.

The biggest issue we had on this course was I felt like I was really pulling Leo around. It wasn't like he wasn't trying or wasn't moving. He was driving forward and continually working, engaged, and happy. But he just wasn't fast like he can be at the practice barn when he's really stoked. He also seemed much more concentrated on taking each jump. This is the first time he'd run three days in a row but, for comparison, in June he ran 9 runs over two days, albeit slightly shorter courses. He was jumping 8" then, too.

I have decided to move him to preferred. We're not so far along already that it makes a huge difference. He'll catch up quickly enough. But he's only 8.5". To jump 8" is asking a lot when you have such short legs. I'm happy with my decision and look forward to our next trial to see how 4" goes.

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