Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rogue Canine Agility - Halloween Weekend

This last weekend was crazy. We had to rush out of work, go home and finish packing, load the truck, and head south to Springfield where we were meeting Rachel. Rachel was driving so then the goal was to pack our stuff into her rig then get back on the road for another two and a half hours. We arrived in Medford about 10:30 pm. After unloading, pottying the dogs, and getting settled in, it was midnight. We had an early day Saturday to head to the show grounds and set up our stuff. Thankfully a client of hers was kind enough to save us crating space.

Our judges for the weekend were Lori Sage and Debby Wheeler. The club, Rogue Canine Agility, had a costume contest planned after our runs on Saturday. Leo was entered in JWW both days.

I was really pleased with this run. Despite my running the long way and not really handling the way we are taught and I know is logical, Leo did his part and did it well. He was second place with a qualifying run in 36.80 seconds. SCT was 44; yardage was 102. Lori sage was our judge. This was his second NAJ leg.

Once things wrapped up for the day, I got the Poms dressed in their Halloween finery. These pictures were taken at the park down the street from our house on Monday, not at the trial.

My little flying monkeys won a third place ribbon in the contest!
Our judge Sunday was Debby Wheeler. The weave entry was more baby dog friendly as it was "direct." Leo was acting off from the get-go Sunday (from the time our run started) and I couldn't figure it out at the time. I think what happened though was a bit of relaxed complacency. Plus he didn't feel competition. I'd had him out of his crate for a while and was holding him. I think now I have decided to warm him up ad recrate him, taking him out just in time for his run. That way he'll be happy and excited and amped up - even if only to see me. I know he has serious potential but the pizzazz I usually see in class was missing.

Regardless, he did it! He finishsed first place with a time of 41.80. SCT was 43 at 100 yards. And this was his NAJ run! He is now Gemini's Leo the Lionhearted RN CGC CL1-F CL1-S NAJ. And now we are officially on our way into our AKC career!

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