Thursday, November 24, 2011

MHDPC AKC Agility Trial

Last weekend Leo got to play agility. He was entered in JWW both Saturday and Sunday at the Open level, our first attempts. Saturday my youngest son was with me. My goal was for him to get Leo out and pottied and to keep Leo with him until the last possible moment before our run. Hopefully by doing this Leo would be amped up to run fast. I was a little worried about how we'd do since I wasn't able to get in any practice with him on the weaves the week prior. He's not so screaming fast yet on the jumps that I worried about not being able to handle the rest. The most difficult part is me remembering to walk the course for Leo's path, not Vegas'.

I was really pleased to see a tunnel in our course. I can only speculate on why tunnels weren't in our novice JWW courses but I know for Leo, he enjoys them so I was disappointed. My concern, of course, was the off side of the tunnel. In working the novice class almost all the dogs took the wrong side of the tunnel. Fortunately Leo stuck with me. From there I front crossed outside the tunnel close to the #5 jump. We have one refusal allowed in Open JWW. I planned a front cross after #8 and another after #13. Leo ran the entire course really well. In fact he nailed his weave entry and wove well - until pole #11 where he popped out. We tried a second time and repeated the pattern and, while we had a third opportunity, I didn't push it as I wanted him fast and happy on the course. So NQ Saturday, but a happy good dog nonetheless. 

On Sunday's course I planned to start out on the left and front cross between 3 and 4. It's a little hard to remember now, but I think I actually ran up the right side of the jumps, the long way. Maybe, maybe not, there's no video and my memory fails me. I planned for and executed a front cross between 7 and 8 and also a front cross after #9. For now Leo still works best with me on the right side of him during the weaves so until we build up independence and confidence, that'll be my plan is to work from the right side. I'm really proud of my little man. He completed the weaves successfully the first time and quickly, too! After the weaves I moved out ahead and front crossed to send him to #11. I believe for the rest of the course I ran with him and rear crossed at #15. 

He qualified for his very first Open JWW leg and first place! He ran it in 38.92 seconds; SCT was 44 at 124 yards. 

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