Saturday, November 26, 2011

MCDF Thanksgiving Weekend Agility

This weekend we're competing in the McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers AKC agility trial in Albany, Oregon at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center. We showed up waaaaaay early because there isn't much crating space at this venue and it was imperative to get crating for Leo's sis, Vegas. Leo was entered all three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in JWW and just Saturday in Standard. Yesterday we stuck around late, late, late in the day for a sanctioned B match to get a chance at the teeter in hopes of my convincing him it wasn't evil and perhaps being willing to take it today in Standard.

The weather has been in the upper 30s to mid-40s most of the time with the mornings, of course, chillier. Our judges are Robyn Veenema and Larry Brockett.

This course looked totally doable. I planned to start on the right and rear or front cross after the tunnel then handle from the inside all the way until #9 where I planned a front cross to move into the next four obstacles. Since Leo and I don't have off side weaves down solid yet, I was going to work from the inside (right) out of the tunnel to the weaves and then front cross to 14.
SCT was 46 for 130 yards; our time was slightly over - 47.82 for a score of 98 and second place. Our second OAJ leg! So proud of Leo's weaves.

So the B match we just did a couple of jumps and the weaves (which he nailed and more independently) and then I took him over the teeter on leash twice. Then we headed home - a very late night.


JWW was up first today with Standard shortly before we headed home. Here's the JWW course.
My plan was to lead out in front of #1 and handle from the right with a front cross after 2 and a front cross after 4. Then I was going to pull him over the #6 jump, direct him with my right to 7 and then front cross in front of 8 into the weaves. From there I planned to try to rear cross at 12/13 and front cross for 15/16. Well, let's just say Leo's brain was engaged in play today and not so much focus. He had random accelerations that took him beyond obstacles so many refusals. I thought I might have shut him down at the #7 jump when I had to call "no" to prevent a back jump. Got him back but never did get the weaves all the way through. The first time he was looking beautiful and popped at the 10th pole. In retrospect I should have gone on and just encouraged us to work together on the jumps. Hindsight is always 20/20, so they say.
Clearly an NQ today but boy was he happy! How could I not just laugh at that silly boy? 

Standard I never got to walk as I was working but looked totally doable - honestly a completely fair Novice course. I figured we didn't have a chance what with the teeter but ran it anyway. I don't have video and wish I did. The highlight of the run? Leo not only took the teeter but he finished it!!!! 

Now the bad news... we had to restart our weaves once but got them. Then we had a refusal on the #3 jump (I think), a refusal on the dog walk, a refusal on the broad jump (I thought when he finally took it he was going to walk on it.), a refusal on #14, and a refusal on #15. We did complete each jump but it was a chore and by #15 I was pretty frazzed and thinking that cute, energetic, fluffball running with me wasn't so cute any more. Focus, Leo, focus! 
But he did the teeter so YAHOO!!!

One more day tomorrow...only entered in JWW and going for our OAJ.

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